Pitch on Target

Team Presentations that

Clinch the Deal

You're in the running

It's time to make the final presentation. You've done your homework. You understand your client's needs and WHY they have them. You know your solution is a perfect fit. Now's your chance to convince your client.


It's all up to the team

You need to hit the target on this one. You can't let your nerves run rampant. Everyone must stick to the plan without getting derailed. You must be in synch and demonstrate how well you work together. You must be absolutely certain that everyone's presentations skills will serve you 100%.


It all comes down to now - so don't leave it to chance!

Get the certainty you need that HOW you present your ideas will be as brilliant as the actual ideas. Get the coaching you and your team need to revisit, refine or build the presentation skills that will insure you hit your target and win this pitch.

Whether you seek to develop a new Pitch Team, refine the skills of an existing Team, or need some "just in time coaching" for an impending opportunity - partner with Pam Erb-Melville to transform those individual voices into an all star TEAM whose singular message lands right on target to clinch the deal.

  • Build awareness of what already works about how each of you present
  • Develop the skills to manage your nerves and express yourself with confidence and clarity
  • Plan to engage the mind and spirit of your audience - get them to participate
  • Work effectively as a team from introductions to strategically dealing with questions
  • Manage your storyboards, PowerPoint visuals and product with grace and ease to focus the audience attention where YOU want it
  • Learn a process for Perfect Practice, to insure that every team rehearsal builds the right body and brain connections.
I have had the pleasure of hiring Pam to deliver exceptional training on Executive Presentation Skills and New Business Pitch training. I was always in awe of Pam’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. To see first-hand the transformation made from participants as a result of the
”Pam factor”, is incredible!
Without doubt, Pam is always my “go-to” guru for presentation skills and new business pitch training. Go Pam!
— Keith Smith, Senior Talent Professional (Learning and Development)