Executive Coaching

You are recognized as a leader with insight and vision. When you speak you are expected to inspire the minds and motivate the hearts of your employees, your board, your investors and your industry. And—you’re expected to show up as a “regular” human being with great personal style and an enviable sense of humor. Are you ready?

How prepared are you to clearly articulate your vision in a way that inspires trust and generates a willingness to take action?

Have you looked out at your audience and wished that at least ONE person would look like they were fully engaged, wide-eyed and eager to hear what you have to say?

Does “someone else” invade your body and lock away your personality for part, or all, of your presentation?


At P-E-M Communications we'll help you:

  • Manage your nerves productively
  • Discover and reveal your unique executive presence
  • Craft your message with clarity and elegance
  • Organize and build your presentations efficiently
  • Manage interactions with grace, charm and strength

In only one session, Pamela quickly and significantly ‘polished’ my presence in front of a camera. She honed in on just the tweaks I needed so I could go from feeling nervous to feeling grounded…Pam was easy to work with, caring, and clearly knowledgeable. I would recommend her without hesitation for any executive seeking to have an expert presence in front of a group
— Sharon Melnick, PhD. Business Psychologist and author of "Success Under Stress."