Here's what clients are saying about Pam Erb-Melville and P-E-M Communications

We have enjoyed an absolutely tremendous partnership with Pam over the years. She has been instrumental in not only helping to strengthen communication skills with our executives, managers and their teams, she helps people change their outlook, build confidence, and improve their level of professionalism. Whether it’s in a classroom setting, in individual coaching situations, or through impromptu (and generous) advice that she shares with our associates, Pam is the one we call in when we have a difficult and challenging developmental situation, and she has always been able to make a difference..
— Bruce Morbit, Group Vice President, Organizational Development and Training, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
I have had the pleasure of hiring Pam to deliver exceptional training on Executive Presentation Skills and New Business Pitch training. I was always in awe of Pam’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. To see first-hand the transformation made from participants as a result of the “Pam factor”, is incredible!

On each engagement, Pam has over delivered and exceeded everyone’s expectations with helping the organization reach its’ objectives and deliver solid results. Pam’s delivery and subject matter expertise is quite unique and she has been able to transform our executives to be able to present with confidence, deliver clear and concise messages, and gain their audiences’ buy-in on business objectives. Without doubt, Pam is always my “go-to” guru for presentation skills and new business pitch training. Go Pam!l
— Keith Smith, Senior Talent Professional (Learning and Development)
Pam Erb-Melville is an incredibly talented trainer. Pam has worked with our organization for two years, training all levels of staff and leadership. She provides engaging, comprehensive presentation skills training specifically geared to different audiences. Most recently Pam develop a Presentation Skills for Women training, it was a huge hit with all attendees. Pam is a true professional and gifted trainer.
— Cortney Cahill, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant (Advertising)
Pam has the ability to adapt and respond to change like few people do. I have seen her ability to keep her cool under pressure and focus on what’s important. She keeps her eye on the needs of her client and is tenacious in helping them meet their goals. She has the ability to listen and offer actionable advice that is perfectly targeted. I’ve learned a lot from Pam and highly recommend her work as a coach and trainer
— Liz Keever, Executive Talent Program Director, Leadership Coach at Anthem, Inc.
Pam worked with the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation this week in NYC and provided a inventive approach to polish our presentation skills in the workforce. Most of our group are returning veterans from the war and are in need of polished skills to enter into the finance industry. Pam is the kind of coach you need if you plan on working for a “best in class” company. Highly recommended!
— Kent Walker, Presidential Management fellow Finalist 2015
When you witness Pam Erb-Melville train and coach you know you are watching a master at work. She is fully attuned to the needs of the client, is completely present, and delivers insightful and individualized feedback and coaching. Leveraging her trademark sense of humor and warmth Pam gently leads her participants to the acquisition of new skills: But make no mistake ... they get those skills!
— Laura Flynn, National Director OD: Leadership Development & Succession Planning at United Natural Foods
I truly enjoyed the class and felt I did make significant headway in improving my presentation skills. You are a delightful, competent and engaging instructor and that positively impacted what we all learned. I would highly recommend this class to others.
— Jeanne Clarke, Vice President, PVH Men’s Design
Excellent program and Pam has fabulous presentation skills to emulate. I feel much more confident about my upcoming presentations.
— Laura Rummans, Salomon Smith Barney
I saw a big change from the first video to the last one. ‘Hats off’ - thanks for the help.
— Broker Development Manager
Great investment of time. I was glad to see and hear that others share the same fears, concerns and challenges. Great job Pam!!
— Donna Liebert, Controller, Kelliher Samets Volk
Pam was excellent. She had great enthusiasm and energy that I would like to emulate. Her dedication to teaching and helping us achieve our goals really made the program worthwhile. She was able to coach us through the program and hone our skills without being critical or demeaning. She really cared about our progress and worked very hard to make sure each of us left the seminar feeling as if we achieved something great.
— Tracy Holtz, Wilkins Outdoor Advertising
Great Program! I learned how to allow my personality to shine through. Pam really practices what she preaches.
— Manager of Strategic Planning, Computer Software Company
I thought the program was excellent. I have a set of skills that I was never taught before.”
— Assistant Vice President, Investment Banker
I wish I had taken this course earlier. I thought the skill building process was magnificent. There were excellent techniques being layered and learned.
— Account Executive, Advertising Agency