For Women Only: 

Speaking from the Heart

Communicating with power, dignity and strength

The manner in which you communicate says everything about how effective you’ll be as a leader in both your company and community. Whether speaking at a formal conference or an informal meeting, your presentations and conversations need to be clear and compelling and delivered in the style that reflects you - a woman with heart, strength and vision.

Don’t let fear of making presentations keep you from achieving your goals in the work place. 

  • Learn to organize your ideas quickly and efficiently to create a compelling story that motivates your audience to take action. 
  • Incorporate the language of leaders and leave behind the words of weakness that can unconsciously populate your speaking and weaken your effect.
  • Develop a speaking voice that is powerful yet easy to listen to - rich and compelling.
  • Use your body freely and with impact to emphasize your key ideas, connect with your passion and relate to your audience.
  • Make the right choices in how you costume yourself for each speaking engagement or meeting.
  • Strategize your presentation for success - from the opening words to the graceful navigation of Q&A.
  • Discover the magic of Perfect Practice to set yourself up for your next speaking victory.

I was privileged to recently participate in two of Pam’s full-day “Speaking from the Heart” workshops. Few training experiences have offered the practical advice I took away from Pam. I learned not only about the relevance of stance, eye contact, gestures, storytelling and other presentation skills, but also how to make them work for me. Most valuable was the interactivity of the sessions, which enabled me to practice the techniques and also give and receive feedback and learn from the other participants. If effective presentations are important to the success of your executives and sales force, I highly recommend Pam’s workshops.
— Beth Marcello, Director, Women’s Business Development at PNC