Communicating with confidence and credibility is essential


Whether you are making a presentation to the media; delivering the final concept pitch to a client; reporting to your management team; or simply meeting a potential customer in an elevator.

How well you prepare and how well you engage your listener will define how well you succeed.  Are you ready? You will be.


Present with Confidence

  • Learn a proven process to target the right message to achieve the right results.
  • Manage your nervous energy and reveal your true presence as a leader.
  • Learn how to get into the “confidence zone” every time you speak

Engage Sincerely

  • Engage your brain fully to access your best thinking - right in the moment
  • Engage in audience participation while remaining in control of your timing and your nerves
  • Build rapport masterfully while managing questions and objections with grace and finesse


Motivate with Passion

  • Speak with the confidence and clarity that moves your audience to act
  • Be the story teller, move past the numbers and data to the impact for your listener
  • Feel your own feelings and be fearless when speaking from your heart.  You will inspire.

Pam shares the secrets of effective communication skills

Learn one of the most important skill sets for engaging with your audience and making powerful presentations. Transform the way you connect with your audience and remember your message.

Speak On target: Benefits to your organization

Crafting clear and compelling messages is key to an organization's success. Learn an efficient approach to strategize and craft communications that hit the target with both your internal and external business audience.

the change you can count on

What you can expect and how your presentation skills will develop when you receive coaching by Pam Erb-Melville of P-E-M Communications.